Where Championship begins
American Homeschool Junior Golf Foundation
Homeschool Golf TM

         Committed to making 
   Junior Golf Affordable & Accessible
 American Homeschool Junior Golf Foundation,  
(Homeschool Golf), was started from the heart of a Homeschool mom that fell in love with the game of golf. Out of a simple need to find great & affordable lessons, our program was started. Today we serve
Homeschool and non-Homeschool juniors through
our year round instructional clinics & camps.

From beautiful greens to hidden fairways, we invite 
you to take the journey with us.

See you at the tee box !

The Homeschool Golf Team !

"Nationwide, home-schooling grew from 1.7 percent of the school-age population in 1999 to 2.9 percent in 2007, according to the U.S. Department of Education. The total number of kids being home-schooled has more than doubled since 1999 to more than two million".  

See list of famous "Homeschoolers"http://www.thebestcolleges.org/the-worlds-15-most-extraordinary-homeschoolers/

 - A must read for all 

Let us be as the sons of Issachar,
"understanding the times"
On behalf of our Homeschool students & their families we thank, Canongate Golf, GA, Bonaventure Golf Resort, FL, and all PGA & LPGA Instructors that have committed to working with our students in 2014

. We appreciate you all.  Blessings........

We will bless the Lord always and his
praise shall continually be in our mouths

 Homeschool Golf Launches

The American Homeschool Junior Golf Foundation
            A non-profit Foundation with a vision to help Juniors
                      ​participate and succeed in the game of golf.

"Listen you didn't hear it from me, but you may want to check out the Florida Bonaventure Membership"                        " I 'am just sayinf "
  Golf Mamas....
10 weeks Ladies Golf Clinic...
Canongate Flat Creek, and Sharpsburg
Sponsored by Homeschool Golf
Open to all Women

    Get your swing on girl.............
Golf camps are fun for the "Summer",  but......... to be a good player takes commitment, practice, lessons, and "play" opportunities.

Golf is fun for the body, mind
and PE Credits.
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